Why black & white?

Newborns eyes are continuously providing valuable information and stimulation for their development. As they grow so does their vision – from colours to clarity and more.

Visual stimulation is encouraged from birth, and because newborns can only detect extreme contrasts, black and white images are the easiest for them to perceive. The boldness of the images stands out where everything else is blurry.

Research has found that black and white images register powerfully on a baby’s retina and send the strongest visual signals to pave way for the baby’s brain development. As their sight develops, so does the amount of detail they can see.

High contrasting black and white images can help newborns feel calm and relaxed as well as help them to focus, improve memory, increase concentration and attention span, and enhance natural curiosity and exploration.

Black and white images help newborns develop depth perception, understand contrast, and eventually tell the difference between objects in their environment. This development helps them to reach, grab, sit, roll over, crawl, and walk.

Children do what they do best. They grow. And as they grow so do our 2 in 1 bunting and flashcards, first as visual art in the form of bunting, onto recognising animal forms, numbers, the alphabet, and later as you introduce toddlers to words. Early reading with your baby can help promote early literacy skills and encourages commentary and communication. As you talk, they will focus on the images and the words. Timeless Roots Cards have been designed to hold your child’s attention and appeal to little ones from newborn to toddler.

Timeless Roots Animal cards provide much-needed entertainment and stimulation for your baby on your many travels.

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